Right smack in the middle of Haarlem city center lies a quiet and tranquil hofje or almshouse called Hofje In den Groenen Tuyn.


It was founded in 1616 with 20 small homes for the legacy of Catarina Jansdochter Amen, widow of Jacob Claesz van Schoorl. These homes were intended for Roman Catholic women aged 50 and over. Accommodation provided were free of charge, but the residents had to be able to provide for themselves. Upon their deaths, all their worldly possessions became the property of the hofje. A Copy of the 17th century “Rules and Regulations” of living this hofje is on display in the hallway. Such rules and regulations no longer apply, of course!

During renovation in 1885, the number of dwellings was reduced to 18. A new main building, which is now the current entrance to the courtyard, was built with an additional Regent’s Room. The last renovation took place in 1986 when all the houses were further modernized. The Hofje In den Groenen Tuyn presently has 17 homes.41676305_2052934161423363_8079226937140051968_nIf you are interested to visit, Hofje In den Groenen Tuyn has 2 entrances.
The main entrance is located at one of Haarlem’s oldest streets, Warmoestraat 23. It is just a sprint away from that big church, the Grote Kerk. Opening hours are limited on working days, Monday to Friday from 10am to 12 noon. Strictly no visitors on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Ring the doorbell and please wait to be buzzed in.
The second entrance is located at Lange Veerstraat 24 but it is only accessible to residents. There is a beautiful stone plaque right above the door.

A quick look inside the Hofje In den Groenen Tuyn is definitely worth a detour if you are around Haarlem’s Grote Markt area. It is FREE! Do note the opening hours.
Whatever you do, please respect the privacy of residents during your visit. No peeking through windows into their homes!

Hofje In den Groenen Tuyn
Address: Warmoestraat 23. 2011HP Haarlem.
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 10am – 12noon only.

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