You must know this iconic multi-story bicycle parking in Amsterdam??
The structure was opened in 2001 as a temporary solution to the bicycle parking problem at central station. It can accommodate 2500 bicycles.

As of today, 30 January 2023, this Fietsflat at Amsterdam Central Station is closed.

Do not panic if your bicycle(s) are still parked there! You have until 24 February 2023 to pick up it up from the Fietsflat between 7am to 7pm. After that, all bicycles will be taken to the Fietsdepot or Bicycle Depot.

The city of Amsterdam is gradually removing the bicycle racks in and around the station area. Eventually, all commuters are to use the newly opened Stationsplein parking facility, built underground and underwater, plus another parking facility, IJboulevard, at the back of the train station, opening in February 2023. A total of 11000 bicycle parking spaces altogether!

Anyways, I wonder what the city has planned for this Fietsflat in the future. 🤔

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