When in ‘s-Hertogenbosch / Den Bosch …

You have to eat the city’s famous chocolate ball called Bossche Bol or Bosch Ball! It is a giant profiterole slightly larger than a tennis ball, richly filled with cream on the inside and dark chocolate coating on the outside. Absolutely enticing!

Bossche Bol 01For a true Bossche Bol experience, you should try the ones from Confectionary Jan de Groot located on Stationweg 24, near Den Bosch train station. Alternatively, look out for signs at cafes offering these Bossche Bollen (plural) from the same bakery as you walk around the city. Which was what I did!

My order of one Bossche Bol was served with a small knife and a dessert fork. Yes, it was necessary! I tried to tackle the whole chocolate ball with a fork at first but it would not budge. It made perfect sense that I should arm myself with that knife and attack it right down the middle. I had twinkles in my eyes when it opened up. What a feast for the eyes! See photo.

Traditionally, one would devour a Bossche Bol with hands. However, the people from Den Bosch usually eat them upside down with the hard chocolate layer serves as a bottom. This way, the cream would not spill out of the pastry. Genius right?

Tasting a Bossche Bol is a must when in Den Bosch. Your visit would not be complete without savoring this Dutch chocolate cannonball.

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