I have never been so excited about visiting a public toilet before. Of course, none was ever themed so se-xxx-y as such.

So, let me tell you …

This is a brand new public toilet opened on 13 March 2020. A super modern facility located in Amsterdam’s main Red Light District, De Wallen neighborhood. The restroom doors look like window brothels! Complete with virtual sex workers performing, teasing and flirting with you.

Appropriately, it is called the Sexy Loo. It costs €2.50* to enter.
The venue is an exact replica of a typical Red Light District scene. Fully decorated with posters and signages, view of Amsterdam streets on wallpaper, fixture of red brothel lamps and it even has real trees.
The women’s toilets are on the left while the men’s toilets are on the right. Each cubicle has an interesting theme; on the beach, on a bridge over a canal, inside a lift, in a theatre, etc.
The men’s section also offers two separate urinals; two giant mouths with red lipstick and a long basin that has a large screen playing amusing video hanging above it.
Last but not least, there is a spacious wheelchair accessible restroom with a baby diaper changing station.
All in all, proper restrooms!

Naturally, this was an unforgettable one-off toilet experience for me. Rather like visiting a very quick and expensive tourist attraction though. 🤔

📍 Oudezijds Achterburgwal 86

*The entrance ticket from Sexy Loo also gives discount to Casa Rosso tickets.

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