The Anne Frank House or in Dutch, the Anne Frank Huis.
This building is located along the Prinsengracht canal, near the church of the Westerkerk, in Amsterdam center. It was built by Dirk van Delft in 1635.


The museum of Anne Frank is world-famous. People are curious about the secret annex where Anne Frank hid for more than two years during WWII and where she wrote her diary.
After the war, the hiding place and the neighboring properties fell into disrepair. There were plans to demolish the buildings to make way for a new factory building. Since there were no funds for restoration work, Otto Frank (father of Anne Frank) sold the house in 1954. Demolition seemed inevitable.
Fortunately, a committee of prominent citizens of Amsterdam took the initiative to save the building. Thus, the Anne Frank House organisation was established in 1957. Eventually, the hiding place was restored and opened to the public on 3 May 1960.

The Anne Frank House remains one of the most visited museums in the Netherlands. Reportedly, it receives 1.3 million visitors a year! Definitely something I have to do real soon. 🤞

📍 Prinsengracht 263. Amsterdam.

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