LiveScience @ NATURALIS

This is LiveScience, a gallery on the corner ground floor of the brand-new Naturalis, a national museum of natural history in Leiden.


At LiveScience, visitors will have a chance to view the collection, meet the researchers and collection managers to discover what their work is all about.


There are huge display cases filled with specimens on Dutch nature acquisition. Drawers contain bones, sea shells, insects, feathers, fossils, minerals and rocks. Feel free to browse the shelves for books and more books. Admire that huge genetically engineered Herman the Bull. Take a seat in the gallery and watch how they prepare animals. Ask your questions if you have any! Look up while you are at it and wonder what animal skeletons are those hanging above you.
Check out the dinolab. Observe how 3D printing and 3D scanning help to reconstruct a Triceratops skeleton.


All in all, a fantastic experience for all ages engaging in nature and science! Best part, this section of Naturalis is actually FREE to the public.
Otherwise, it costs €16.00 per ticket (age 4 and above) to access the rest of the museum.


Address: Darwinweg 2. 2333 CR Leiden.
Opening Hours: Daily from 10am till 5pm.
Entrance Fees: €16.00 per ticket applicable from age 4 and above to see the rest of the museum. Free entry for Museumkaart holders.
Getting There: Car parking available on Mendelweg 2 at a flat rate of €7.50 per car. Walking distance about 13min from Leiden train station.
Note: Free lockers using €0.50 or €1 deposit.



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