I thought I saw a man about to fall off the roof of a building!


As it turned out …
It was just a polyester figure called the “Liggende Man” or the “Lying Man” made by Florian Göttke and Sabine Käppler.
Naturally, I became curious about this building known as Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK), in the city center of Hoorn.

So … it started out as Mariakapel (translation: Maria Chapel), part of Maria Monastery built in 1506 – 1508 to replace a wooden chapel which was consecrated here in 1435. In 1573, it served as an arsenal till the end of the eighteenth century. Then it was a Roman Catholic Church. Unfortunately, a large fire broke out in 1877 destroying almost the entire church, but the walls and the entrance.
The Reformed Church took over the ruins in 1882 and restored it back as a house of worship. By 1976, the municipality of Hoorn took over the chapel and it was briefly used by the local youth as a disco venue and a boxing school.

Since the 90s, the Maria Chapel has been used as an exhibition space for contemporary visual arts. Presently, Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK) also includes artist-in-residence program where artist(s) can stay for a period of time to produce new work. It is an internationally well known venue supporting young as well as established artists from all over the world.

The truly eye-catching “Liggende Man” was installed in 1990.

📍 Korte Achterstraat 2a. 1621 GA Hoorn.

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