From a section of the Natuurhistorisch Museum / Natural History Museum in Rotterdam …
The DODE DIEREN MET EEN VERHAAL or the Dead Animal and Their Stories exhibit.

69547808_2775822725801166_4712562112877035520_o1. Necro-eend or Homosexual Necrophiliac Duck
On June 5, 1995 at 5:55 pm, Kees Moeliker, the curator of this very own Natural History Museum Rotterdam heard a loud thud. Apparently, a male mallard duck had crashed into the glass façade of the museum and died. Next, a male mallard began mounting the dead duck’s lifeless body and started to copulate. Moeliker published a paper about this incident and won an Ig Nobel prize in 2003, in the field of biology. This is that dead duck!

77273461_2775822845801154_7148835006763237376_o2. Dominomus or Domino Sparrow 
This sparrow got into the Frisian Expo Centre in Leeuwarden during preparations for Domino Day 2005. She knocked over 23.000 dominoes. Attempts to capture it with nets and sticks failed. It was eventually shot. Here it is on display.

76728924_2775822979134474_8097439849037955072_o3. McFlurry Egel or McFlurry Hedgehog
When a carelessly discarded McFlurry ice cream cup cause the death of a hedgehog. The spine was stuck behind the plastic collar of the cup and it could not get out. Unable to remove it, the result was death by starvation. This was documented in the Netherlands in 2007. In other cases, hedgehogs would blindly walk into water and drown.

74209817_2775823165801122_2053139941109530624_o4. Ijs-ijsvogel or Kingfisher on Ice
It was early March 2018. A thirteen year old Christoph van Ingen discovered a frozen kingfisher while ice-skating in the nearby town of Oostzaan, just north of Amsterdam. He took some photos, posted them on social media and they quickly went viral! Christoph cut out the chunk of frozen kingfisher and kept it in his parents’ freezer. The Natural History Museum Rotterdam managed to acquire the specimen and it is now on display at -20 °C, in its original ice. According to the museum, this kingfisher probably starved to death and then froze into the ice. (UPDATED: Unfortunately, it has been defrosted! January 2020)

The above are just four examples (out of possibly 10) from the Dead Animal and Their Stories exhibit. A permanent exhibition with sensational backstories on how these famous animals had tragically died. The DODE DIEREN MET EEN VERHAAL was opened in 2013. Explanation provided in English too.

I simple love this exhibit!

Address: Westzeedijk 345 (Museumpark), 3015 AA Rotterdam.
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday from 1100hrs – 1700hrs. Closed on Mondays.
Entrance Fees: €7.00 for adults, €3.50 for kids age 5-15 years old and free entry for children up to 4 years old. Free entry for children up to 15 years old every Wednesdays! Free entry for Museumkaart holders.
Getting There: 20 minutes walk from Rotterdam Centraal train station. Use to plan your journey.

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