In the city center of Amersfoort, there is a little bridge at the end of Havik street known as the “Heksen Bruggetje”. When translated, it means the Witches Bridge.


Stories were told …
At this bridge, women suspected of witchcraft were thrown into the canal. It was a ‘water test’ to prove that they were not witches.
The old belief was witches had hollow bones. If you stay afloat, therefore a witch! The guilty sentence was death. For those who did not float and drown, it was proof that they were not witches!

This Witches Bridge is located next to a white house known as “Het Witte Kerkje” (translation: the White Church). It was never a church, but a pub! The choir members of nearby churches would go there for a drink or two on Sundays while waiting for the long sermons to end. Hence, the nickname.

The things I learned during my boat tour when in Amersfoort.

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