Visiting Marken is something most people do when they are in Volendam. It is a wonderful distraction across the Gouwzee Bay with the ferry boat, if you have 2-4 hours to spare.


This tiny Dutch fishing village of Marken is part of the Waterland municipality, in the province of North Holland. A former island in the Zuiderzee (Southern Sea), now a peninsula in the Markermeer lake. Marken has less than 2000 inhabitants, well known for its monumental green wooden houses on stilts and colorful traditional costumes. The village is much quieter than its neighboring villages of Volendam and Edam. Most of the business establishments are found on the waterfront Havenbuurt and the other places of interest are spread out as near as 3 km away to reach the famous lighthouse tower.

When in Marken, here are a few things you can do:
>> VVV Tourist Information Centre
Opens Monday to Sunday from 12 noon to 4pm.
Address: Havenbuurt 19c

>> Kijkhuisje Sijtje Boes (Look House of Sijtje Boes),
Story has it, Sijtje Boes was a legendary lady who started showing visiting tourists her authentic Marken home in 1930s. She arranged that there will be an opportunity for these visitors to buy souvenirs on site. Sijtje Boes died on April 10, 1983, at the age of 87. Her former home is now a permanent tourist attraction. A small entry fee is required.
Address: Havenbuurt 19. 1156AM Marken.

>> Sijtje Boes Souvenirs
Sijtje Boes once sold souvenirs from a basket and the business eventually grew into a popular gift shop in Marken.
Address: Havenbuurt 21. 1156AM Marken.

>> Marker Huisje
Discover how the ‘Markers’ used to live one hundred years ago as a family within this one-room home on the harbor.
Entry tickets are priced at €3.00 for all above 12 years old. Daily demonstrations are scheduled at 11am and 3pm.
Address: Havenbuurt 22. 1156 AM Marken.

>> Monument The Wave (Dutch: Monument Watersnood 1916)
The Wave is a monument erected in the memory of the flood disaster happened in 1916. To mark its 100th year, the monument was unveiled on January 14, 2016, made by a Dutch artist Linda Verkaaik.
Address: Havenbuurt. 1156 AM Marken.

>> Clog Experience
Visit the Klompenmakerij Marken / Wooden Shoe Factory Marken to see how wooden shoes are made by hand and/or the machine. Such demonstration costs €2.50 per adult. Otherwise, you are free to browse around for the wide selection of Dutch products and souvenirs.
Opens daily. Check website for details.
Address: Kets 52. 1156 AX Marken.

>> Grote Kerk (previously Nederlands Hervormde Kerk)
Now, the Protestant Church of Marken. The building dates back to 1904 and is most notable for beautiful wooden ship models hanging from the ceiling. It is the only church in Marken with more than 1200 members.
Opens daily during the summer months of mid-May to October, Monday to Saturday from 10am – 5pm. Free entry.
Address: Kerkbuurt 7. 1156 BL Marken.

>> Marker Museum (Dutch only)
The museum about Marken spans across six historical fisherman’s houses displaying Marken’s history complete with original furnishings and household items. Entry is affordable at €3.00 per adult and free entry for Museumkaart holders. Some information is provided in English.
Open daily from end of March till end of October. Check website for exact details.
Address: Kerkbuurt 44-47. 1156 BL Marken.

>> Het Paard van Marken
Het Paard van Marken or The Horse of Marken was built in the 1700 as a square beacon to mark the Zuiderzee route from the islands in the North through Amsterdam. The current lighthouse built in 1839 is standing at 16 meters with a light range of 16.7 km. Het Paard van Marken is not open for visitors. It is located on the eastern tip of Marken , at least 30 minutes walk from the harbor.
Address: Oosterpad 1, 1156 DM Marken.

>> De Visscher Taverne (Dutch only)
Take a break at the oldest tavern of Marken, De Visscher Taverne. Taste the traditional Dutch apple pie (€3.50) while you wait for the ferry.
Address: Havenbuurt 22. 1156 AM Marken.

>> Food Stalls
Try some typical Dutch fast food such as fresh herring, kroket or fries.
Address: Havenbuurt

>> Bike Rental
Bike rental is possible if you are looking for a quick way to view Marken during peak season (April to August). There is a small rental company located next to the Beatrix Brug, a bridge next to the central parking area.


Marken is small. You can walk around this entire fishermen’s town in a couple of hours. Take a stroll over charming drawbridges and through narrow alleyways to experience the truly authentic atmosphere of Marken. It is a full day out when you combine your visit to the neighboring village of Volendam!

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