A simple, wholesome and undoubtedly THE typical Dutch snack … “broodje croquet”.
Basically, a meat ragout covered in breadcrumbs subsequently deep-fried then served on a bun bread.


In case you are not familiar, van Dobben’s Croquettes are famous nationwide!
It was established on 28 June 1945, by Aat van Dobben and his later wife Eugenie Laaper when they opened a sandwich shop, “Eetsalon Van Dobben”, right here at Korte Reguliersdwarsstraat in Amsterdam. The Croquet has been on the menu from the start! This “Diner van Dobben” has been serving up locals continuously all these years and it is always buzzing. The present diner was established in 1986.

Should you visit?
First, check out the menu board hanging on the wall. When in doubt, ask the counter staff for their menu in English (also available in other languages). When you have decided, place your order sternly at the counter. Be warned! You might get that Dutch directness served at you by some grumpy staff.Speaking through my experience …
I had placed my order (in Dutch) of just two “broodje croquetten” and the lady over the counter said loudly to me that I should not come back later and order drinks because she is very busy. Seriously?!?
I think it is an act to be ill-mannered to patrons. Like those theme restaurants with rude wait staffs. But is it though?

Do note that payment methods accepted are cash or EU debit cards (with PIN). Do not even think of using your credit cards, tourists! You might just be berated in front of all locals. It happened to someone while we were dining.

Anyways, you can choose to buy van Dobben’s Croquettes at prepare them at the comfort of your own home. Variety such as the beef croquette, veal croquette, chicken saté croquette, vegetarian croquette and shrimp croquette are available from the frozen food section at major local supermarkets.

Dutch gastronomy at its best.

Address: Korte Reguliersdwarsstraat 5-7-9. 1017 BH Amsterdam.
Opening Hours: Monday to Wednesday from 10am – 9pm, Thursday from 10am – 1am, Friday and Saturday from 10am – 2am and Sunday from 10:30am – 8pm.
Getting There: About 20 minutes walk from Amsterdam train station or public transportation to Muntplein or Rembrandtplein. Use to plan your journey.

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