The most famous cookie in Amsterdam. A chocolate cookie!


It is made by van Stapele Koekmakerij, a small cookie maker shop that produces and sells ONE type of cookie exclusively. Its location is hidden along a narrow alley, at Heisteeg 4, next to the Spui square.

van Stapele Koekmakerij’s chocolate cookies are made from premium quality Valrhona chocolate dough. A cookie is crisp on the outside with soft white chocolate oozing from the inside. All cookies are freshly baked through out the day at the shop.

The price for one cookie is €2.00. You can buy a box of 6 cookies for €10.00. These cookies can only be found at this shop. No where else! And they are often sold out before closing time. The (usual) 20-minute queue is well worth the wait. You can get your cookies served soft and warm straight from the oven. They will literally melt in your mouth! Soooooooo good.

Address: Heisteeg 4. 1012WC Amsterdam.
Opening Hours: Daily (mostly) from 10am – 5pm. Check website for winter months.
Getting There: 20 minutes walk from Amsterdam train station or take tram 2, 11 & 12 alight at Spui.

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