This is the beautiful arched passage way between Damrak and Nieuwendijk shopping streets in Amsterdam known as the Beurspassage.


The elaborate artwork design is called ‘Amsterdam Oersoep’, translated as Amsterdam Primordial Soup. It was created in 2016 by the husband and wife artists Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam (known for Horn of Plenty, the ceiling of Markthal in Rotterdam), together with Hans van Bentem (known for his outlandish chandeliers).

Amsterdam Oersoep is a 450 m² of visual story about the city of Amsterdam and its canals. The intricate elements consist of Italian Terrazzo flooring decorated with symbols of the city, unique gold-colored metal chandeliers made of recycled bicycle parts, barrel-vaulted ceiling covered with glass mosaic art in hues of emerald green, gilded mirrored walls and a bronze fountain offering visitors drink water of Amsterdam.

Supposedly, the dazzling Beurspassage creates the illusion of walking through an Amsterdam canal underwater.

Beurspassage is located right next door to Primark. You can’t miss it!

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