One of Amsterdam’s most instagrammable place happens to be this bridge called the Magere Brug (Brug #242), literally means Skinny Bridge (Bridge #242) when translated.


The first bridge on this site was built in 1691. Since then, the bridge has been demolished and replaced several times over the centuries. A wider bridge was eventually replaced in 1871 to accommodate the increased city traffic.

The present Skinny Bridge was built in 1934. It is a wooden bascule bridge / drawbridge. The use of this bridge is limited to pedestrians and cyclists only since 2003.

Story has it …
Once there were two sisters who lived on the opposite sides of the Amstel river. They wanted to be able to visit one another easily so they commissioned a bridge to be built. But all they could afford was a very narrow bridge. Hence, the name Skinny Bridge.

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