The once prosperous fishing village of Volendam first gained its picturesque fame through paintings and drawings created by the colony of artists, painters and illustrators who visited the village during the late 19th century.

A peek into Volendam’s rich history, colorful culture and unique folklore can still be explored when you visit the local historical museum, Volendams Museum.


The Volendams Museum permanent exhibition includes the glorious Volendam national costumes from 1800s. It is a variety of costumes for daily wear, winter, mourning and church outfits with head gear and accessories. There are also set-ups of interiors such as different living rooms from the period between 1815 and 1920, a Volendam school of Fishery, retail shops and a replica of a ship’s forecastle displaying the living situation on board. Not forgetting the rest of the museum collection consisting no less than paintings, drawings, sculptures, historical publications, picture postcards, old toys, unusual fishing tools, original furniture, ornaments and trinkets and audiovisual materials about the life of Volendamers back in the days.
One of the highlights within this museum is the Cigar Band House, with mosaics made from 11.5 million cigar bands filling up a room, its ceiling and some furniture. It was more than a hobby!

If you are ever curious about this famous little village, stop by the Volendams Museum and have a look at its past. The museum is Dutch oriented, but there are several key explanations provided in English. When in doubt, just ask the friendly volunteer staffs.

The Volendams Museum is located 5-10 minutes walk from the harbor, right next to the Volendam’s Tourist Information Centre. Your visit should take no more than an hour. Entrance fees are very affordable even for families. A lovely museum experience you must not miss!

Website: https://www.volendamsmuseum.nl/home-en (English)
Address: Zeestraat 41. 1131 ZD VOLENDAM.
Opening Hours: From 10 March – 11 November 2019 opens daily form 10am – 5pm.
Entrance Fees: €4.00 for adults and €2.00 for kids up to age 14 years old. Free entry for Museumkaart holders. Family tickets (2 adults and all kids) for €8.00.
Getting There: Use https://9292.nl/en to plan your journey with public transportation.
Note: The building is physically accessible for all visitors to get into and around the exhibition areas.

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