The oldest building in Schiedam happens to be the “Grote- of Sint Janskerk” or simply known as Sint Janskerk. It is a three-aisled hall gothic church constructed in 1335 and completed in 1425. It has been restored and expanded several times over the centuries. The last restoration was in 2003.


A visit inside the church is free. Sint Janskerk is generally open from the month of April to September. This year (2019), the opening dates are from 14 April to 9 September. Opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 12 noon to 4pm.
Ask for a guide book (Dutch only) so you can tour around the church freely. It is a self-guided walking tour with a map indicating 24 significant references. For example Sint Janskerk has one of the oldest pulpits in the Netherlands dating back to 1550 and the curious looking lamb sculpture in the corner is made from some thousand fragments of statues and altars destroyed in 1572, which had been buried beneath the floor until they were found during the 1946 renovation.

The Grote- of Sint Janskerk is still a place of worship, use by the Protestant Church of Schiedam for their Sunday service. It is also a community center use for activities or events such as (organ) concerts, fashion shows, banquets, municipal gatherings, weddings, etc. It is centrally located in the center of Schiedam, right next to the tourist information – VVV Schiedam.
Visiting the Grote- of Sint Janskerk is not a must, but it is one of the FREE cultural things to do when in Schiedam.

Address: Lange Kerkstraat 37. 3111 NN Schiedam.
Opening Hours: Period of April – September – Tuesday to Saturday from 12 noon to 4pm. Check website for exact dates.
Entrance Fees: Free entry
Getting There: About 15 minutes walk from Station Schiedam Centrum. Use to plan your journey.

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