When in Deventer, eat a Deventer Koek!

As one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, Deventer has its own iconic “kruidkoek” or spice cake, made from a secret recipe dating back to the Middle Ages. This spice cake has a unique taste flavored with candied orange peel.


The first ordinance on the baking of Deventer Cake was in 1417. The appearance must be long and narrow and weigh three pounds for the large cake and two pounds for the small. No one was allowed to make any Deventer Koek outside Deventer city. The composition of the recipe, spice mixture and the honey blend used was a top secret closely guarded by the confectionary guild, unknown even to the bakers. Everyone involved in the baking process must take an oath on the ordinance.

Today, Jb. Bussink is the baker that still makes the original Deventer Koek according to the centuries old secret recipe. You can find this Deventer Koekwinkel (translation: Deventer Cake Shop) right here in the center of Deventer historic square, at Brink 84. The heritage store is decorated with many old advertising materials, has a coffee and tea room, offers other variety of Deventer Cakes such as Dickens Koek (with extra pieces of apple and cinnamon), Halve Ellekoek (with extra honey) or Gemberblokjes (with extra pieces of ginger) and sells many vintage Deventer Koek related souvenirs.

Jb. Bussink has been the trademark brand for Deventer Cake since 1593. A Dutch delicacy that is 426 years old! A piece of history where you can just wander in, have a look around and taste it. A must to do when in Deventer.

Website: https://www.deventerkoekwinkel.nl (Dutch only)
Address: Brink 84. 7411BX Deventer.
Opening Hours: Monday from 1330hrs – 1730hrs, Tuesday to Friday from 0900hrs – 1730hrs and Saturday from 0900hrs – 1700hrs. Closed on Sundays.
Getting There: Less than 10 minutes walk from Deventer train station.

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