“De Proosdij” in Deventer is said to be the oldest existing stone house in the Netherlands constructed in 1130. The structure was built from trachyte (dark color) and tufa (light color) types of stones that were imported from Eifel; a low mountain range in western Germany and eastern Belgium.


“De Proosdij” used to be the residence of a provost. A section of the property was the gateway to the ecclesiastical area before it was a house.

The traces of the three original windows can still be seen on the second floor façade today. To protect this special almost nine-hundred-year-old wall monument, a glass roof has been installed against further weather influences.

“De Proosdij” is located on the Sandrasteeg 8, in the city center of Deventer. It is a private residence so you can only admire the exterior.

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