This is Ramon. The well-known huge Asian elephant skeleton in the Netherlands!


Ramon was born on 7 December 1970 at the Hanover Zoo. He was moved to Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo in Rotterdam at just six months old where he spent the rest of his life and became a household name. He was impatient, unpredictable and a “fokbul” (translation: breeding bull). He produced five offspring: Bernhardine (1984), Yasmin (1990), Indira (1995), Timber (1998) and Max (1998). On April 24, 1998, he collapsed with a brain hemorrhage during a mating session with Douanita. Ramon was 28 years old.

Ramon is a unique Rotterdam natural history masterpiece. He lives on!
On June 25, 2005, the assembled skeleton was unveiled as a permanent exhibition at his new residence, the octagonal tower room of previously Villa Dijkzigt.

You can admire Ramon in its full glory at Natuurhistorisch Museum / Natural History Museum in Rotterdam.

Website: https://www.hetnatuurhistorisch.nl
Address: Westzeedijk 345 (Museumpark), 3015 AA Rotterdam.
Opening Hours:
Entrance Fees: €7.00 for adults, €3.50 for kids age 5-15 years old and free entry for children up to 4 years old. Free entry for children up to 15 years old every Wednesdays! Free entry for Museumkaart holders.
Getting There: 20 minutes walk from Rotterdam Centraal train station. Use https://9292.nl/en to plan your journey.

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