Just like the name tells it, Muzee Scheveningen is a museum about Scheveningen. It was founded in 2006 after a merger between Museum Scheveningen and the Zeemuseum (translation: Sea Museum).
It is a delightful small museum showcasing the former fishing village Scheveningen’s history, old tradition, daily life and the animals found under sea level. All housed in a renovated school building from 1877.


The first part of my museum visit started with a series of diorama mostly presented in a dimly lit space. They were meant to portray a typical atmosphere of a Scheveningen street back in the days. There were replica models of ships and attributes that were used on board, period rooms with different lifestyles of various classes complete with furnishing and traditional costumes, a moving boat diorama, a 1925 school room set-up, a 1920s grocery shop with original fittings and a below the deck crews’ quarter depicting life on board a Boomschuit (flat-bottomed fishing boat) rebuilt in actual size.
These exhibits presented were culturally informative and educational, but with a hint of creepiness because of the many diorama model figures lingering around. Be warned!
I continued further looking at selection of paintings, prints and drawings around the museum. It certainly made an impression illustrating life right here in Scheveningen coast 100 years ago.

The second part at the Zeezaal (translation: Sea Room) was a different world altogether. The colorful four tropical aquariums filled with fishes, sea urchins, starfish, etc., was a breath of fresh air. There were audio visuals on sharks and cuttlefish, beautiful coral reef and its inhabitants, a mysterious ‘dark room’ with glowing fishes, information on lobsters and crabs, millions of years old fossils, a vast collection of shells, a sea monster on display, model of a Japanese Spider Crab and so much more. Definitely ignited sparks of curiosity, especially for kids!

On my way out, I decided to take a peek at the museum shop. I have never seen such an amazing assortment of shells in all various shapes, sizes and colors! I was astonished.
Last but not least, a quick glimpse at the Museumcafé De Halve Vleet and it was surprisingly not what I had expected. I was told the authentic fisherman’s café/bar interior was once belonged to a local business located not far from this museum.

My visit to the Muzee Scheveningen was a nice break from my regular beach trip. A quick overview of Scheveningen’s day-to-day life during the earlier times was something to ponder upon.
Do note that most of the signs and explanations are in Dutch throughout the museum. Occasionally, I would find information cards in English. Museum staffs are friendly should you have any questions.
It took me a little over an hour indulging myself on this town’s cultural and natural history. Something different to do with the kids before hitting the beach!

Website: (Dutch only)
Address: Neptunusstraat 90-92. 2586 GT Den Haag.
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10am – 5pm and Sunday from 12 noon to 5pm. Closed on Mondays.
Entrance Fees: €8.50 for adults, €4.25 for kids age 4 -12 years old and free for kids under 4 years old. Free entry for Museumkaart holders.
Getting There: Use to plan your journey.

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