When I need to satisfy my craving for Chinese food …
I often found myself travelling across the province to get to Fat Kee restaurant located in The Haag’s Chinatown.

49899023_2232380646812046_1506448186955268096_nIt is a ‘Chinees Indisch’ (Chinese-Indonesian) type of restaurant with a broad menu, decent pricing and fast service.


During our last visit, we ordered: (left to right)
1. Kangkung or morning glory vegetable with sambal terasi (€11.00)
2. Fried mee hoon with beef (€9.00)
3. Mapo tofu / bean curd with minced pork (€10.50)
4. Salt & pepper fried chicken (€11.50)
5. Chinese fried noodle with char siew (€8.00)

Great food, generous portions!

Website: http://www.fatkee070.nl (Dutch only)
Menu: http://www.fatkee070.nl/menu/
Address: Gedempte Gracht 23. 2512 AK Den Haag.
Opening Hours: Daily from 12 noon to 1am

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