ODE aan het VARKEN / ODE to the PIG

As I cycled into the city center of Haarlem, I was greeted by a gigantic leaping pig just around the bend on Houtplein.49694609_2223173044399473_8778170428624470016_n

“Ode aan het Varken” (translation: Ode to the Pig) measures 4 meters in height and 7 meters long. Definitely an imposing artwork!

The sculpture is a happy pig jumping over a bench, embracing his freedom. A 2018 work of art meant to represent the freedom that every animal deserves. An initiative against intensive animal farming, also known as factory farming, in the European livestock industry.

The artist, Jantien Mook, is working together with Varkens in Nood (Pigs in Need), Compassion in World Farming Netherlands, World Animal Protection and Partij voor de Dieren (Party for the Animals political party), campaigning to stop the use of cages in animal farming.

“Ode aan het Varken” is a travelling sculpture residing temporarily in Haarlem till 28 January 2019.

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