The simplest solution when you have to serve 12 people for Christmas dinner is to do the traditional Dutch style routine call “gourmetten”.

Gourmetten is essentially an indoor BBQ-your-own-food table setting. It features a single hot grill plate or a 2-tier hot plate with mini cooking pans. Similar to serving raclette or Korean BBQ, everyone is responsible in cooking their own food. Including the kids! If possible.


It was definitely convenient cooking at its best. We ordered pre-packed meat platters (Dutch: ‘gourmetschotel’) which contain mini meat cuts from our local butcher and bought extra seafood from supermarket. There were small pieces of beef steak, chicken strips, pork fillets, sausages, hamburgers, minced meat rolls, schnitzels, salmon and shrimps. All prepared in bite-sized bits perfect for self-cooking. I added healthy balance of side dishes such onions, mushrooms, eggs, mix peppers, carrots and cucumbers which were also possible for on the grill. All everyone had to do was to butter-up the hot griddle and start cooking themselves.
I presented additional oven potatoes, asparagus wrapped in bacon and mozzarella bread to make this dinner look complete. Not forgetting all kinds of unnecessary sauces like garlic, chili, cocktail, ketchup, mayonnaise, BBQ and peanut sauce.
As you can imagine, it was a full table!!!

Gourmetten is an intimate long, slow dinner process with lots of talking and drinking. It is conducive, the kids won’t get bored and you do not have to slave all day in the kitchen.
To the Dutchies, this is so ‘GEZELLIG’!

The only dreadful drawback is the aftermath. The unmistakable smell of grease lingering around the house till the New Year and beyond! Yikes …

This was my family Christmas diner.


    • There were very little left. I ended up baking the meat on a frying pan 2 days later and added some fresh salad on the side for dinner. Was easier this way and less greasy. 😉
      If only I was smart enough to let them use paper plate instead. There would be no washing entirely!! 😆


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