To curb my craving for authentic Chinese food, I went searching and I found Restaurant Full Moon in The Hague.
It is a share dining all-you-can-eat concept where you can order 5 items per person per round within 2 hours period. The menu includes Dim Sum (small fried and bamboo baskets steamed snacks), Wok (stir-fry dishes), Cantonese BBQ (roast port, crispy bacon, Peking duck, etc.) and Chinese fondue (simmering hot pot of soup on table). There are about 200 items on the menu!
I was absolutely beaming with joy when I saw the possibilities. Check link menu below.


My verdict? In my opinion, the overall food was alright.
My order of Chinese tea came in a tea bag instead of tea leaves. I can not help it, but being judgmental.
The idea of unlimited little bites and pieces of everything was really enticing. Most of my cravings were fulfilled. I thoroughly enjoyed the crystal prawn dumpling (har gow), pork-prawn dumpling (siu mai), roast duck, salt & pepper chicken wings and red bean sesame balls while sticky chicken rice in lotus leaf and rice noodle rolls were a let down. The menu extended to several Japanese and Indonesian dishes. So I ordered up some gyoza, ebi tempura, beef rendang and Bali chicken. Like I said, it was alright. Service included.

In anyways … Such share dining experience is always ideal for a group of people to come together. It is something I will do again now that I know what not to order. Not anytime soon though.

Address: Gedempte Burgwal 24-26. 2512 BV The Hague.
Lunch (1200hrs – 1600hrs)
Monday to Sunday €12.50 for kids age 4-12 years old and €19.50 for all 13 years and above.
Dinner (1600hrs – 2130hrs)
Monday to Wednesday €27.50
Thursday to Sunday and public holiday €28.95
Kids age 4-12 years old €13.80
Getting There: Less than 15 minutes walking distance from Den Haag central station.


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