This is last remaining philatelic shop in Haarlem. Holm’s Post Art Shop!
The owner, Theo Holm, is still running the shop at almost 92 years old. Holm’s Post Art Shop started with Holm’s parent opening this shop from an inheritance in 1935. It has been around for 83 years! I read about this on the local papers.


Since finding out about this shop, I have tried to visit a few times during weekday mornings. It was not open. With no online presence and no opening hours stated at the door, I have no way of knowing. I know nothing about collecting post stamps but certainly would love to check out some old collectible postcards.

For your curiosity …
Holm’s Post Art Shop is located at Frankestraat 36 in the heart of Haarlem center.
This store will officially close next year on 1 August 2019. Holm’s Post Art Shop will stop after 84 years.


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