When in Arnhem …43169837_2079500842100028_1546379365489573888_nSonsbeekmarkt or Sonsbeek Market is a cheerful monthly affair with colorful market stalls and mobile kitchen selling variety of goods ranging from local produce to fair trade products, homemade, organic, artisanal and other worldly merchandise brought to you by small entrepreneurs.
In addition, there is a festive program of yoga, street theater, music, art, nature experience and other inspiring workshops during the market days.

It is a fantastic place to shop, meet up with friends, have picnic or enjoy the luscious greenery in the surrounding area.

Sonsbeekmarkt is held every first Sunday of the month from 11am till about 6pm. It is happening at one of its two locations; Sonsbeek Park on Tellegenstraat 3 right next to the deer sanctuary or Zypendaal Park next to the Zypendaal Castle at the Zypendaalseweg 44.

Next market days are on 7 October and 2 December 2018 at Sonsbeek Park, about 15 minutes walk away from Arnhem Central Station.

Market Dates:

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