A small Indonesian themed zoo called Taman Indonesia, located in a tiny village known as Kallenkote, amongst its 300 inhabitants. An animal park relatively unknown!

42771910_2070219719694807_4473777371626864640_nWhen translated, Taman Indonesia mean Garden of Indonesia. It is a little zoo specializes in animals from Indonesia and surrounding countries. It started out with a man who loves exotic birds and kept them in his backyard. The collection has grown into something more than a bird park with 50 peculiar species of birds and mammals too. You will find special birds such as the burung kakak tua (parrot), New Guinea Eclectus, Kookaburras, peacock, red turtle dove and Javanese tree duck. The mammals include Malaysian porcupine, Asian small-clawed otter, fishing cat, Bengal tiger cat, kantjil and Australian wallaby. Not forgetting loewak, the cat-like animal known as Asian palm civet that poop out the world’s most expensive coffee!


The animal park also offers visitors a total experience on Indonesian culture, flora and fauna. Check out the replica stilt house of Mentawai, a tribe that still lives in the Stone Age in the jungle of West Sumatra. Order up typical Indonesian snacks such as sate and spekkoek (kue lapis legit) at the waroeng (eatery). There is a huge gift shop selling all kinds of Indonesian crafts, cookware, clothing and even furniture. Learn about Indonesian herbs, fruits and plants at the ‘spice garden’ hall. Watch out for the Blue-tongued skink lizard in the enclosure!
As for the kids, there is a treasure hunt activity, feed the birds a cup of worms (€1.00), dress-up area with Indonesian costumes, visit the wayang theater and run around in the playground.


Taman Indonesia is definitely an intimate zoo pleasant for all. Imagine a small estate caring for its tropical climate animals accustomed to Dutch weather. A different kind of zoo! Do not expect too much as up-grading works are needed to improve the compound.

Should you want to visit …
Do note that this little zoo is located at least 1.5 hour drive from Amsterdam. It is situated far away from any public transportation route. You need to drive to get there! However, the park does provide Tuk-Tuk pick-up service from Steenwijk Station. It is priced at €20.00 per adult and €15 per kid. I am not joking!!
Duration of a visit should take no more than a couple of hours. Thus, a great place for a short detour. If you are on the way to Groningen or Friesland!
Or just maybe … a quick trip around the bend from the Venice of Holland known as Giethoorn, less than 20 minutes away. Which was what I did. A rather nice distraction after a long drive from Haarlem. Not something we will be doing again though.

In any case … Now you know you can discover Indonesia right here in the Dutch province of Overijssel!

Website: http://www.taman-indonesia.nl/Home
Address: Kallenkote 53. 8345 HE Kallenkote.
Opening Hours: Daily from 10am – 6pm from 1 April to 31 October.
Entrance Fees: €8.50 for adults, €5.00 for kids age 2-12 years old and free for kids under 2 years old.
Getting There: Drive! Free parking available across the property.

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