This was what I do sometimes …

Wandering around aimlessly, checking out 100 market stalls selling their treasures at Haarlem’s antique market located on Dreef street.

I am totally clueless about antiques.
How old are the items supposed to be? 100 years? Otherwise, they are vintage? Or collectibles? I am confused.
What was the item originally used for? What about its rarity and condition? How much??
Am I supposed to wonder who owned it or where the antique has been? Well, that’s just creepy.41365680_2046790082037771_7305514627742302208_n
If you are looking for FREE things to do in Haarlem this Saturday, this could be it!

‘Antiekmarkt op de Dreef’ market usually run nine days from May till September. Last date is on 15 September 2018. Opening hours are from 9am till around 4pm.

Location: Along Dreef street by Frederikspark
Getting There: 15 minutes walk from Haarlem’s Grote Markt.


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