This is the iconic grand Hotel Des Indes nestled in the corner of Lange Voorhout and Vos in the Tuinstraat streets in The Hague.

Hotel Des Indes 01

It was originally built as a city palace in 1858 for W.T.A.M. Baron van Brielen van de Groote Lindt (1814-1863), a personal adviser to King Willem III. It was used for stately affairs to host parties.

Later, it was converted to a hotel in 1881. The hotel name was inspired by the then famous Hotel des Indes in Batavia. The hotel exuded elegance with modernity. By 1900, every room in Hotel Des Indes had a direct telephone connection with the reception and hot and cold running water indoor plumbing and a hydraulic elevator.

Hotel Des Indes has more than 130 years of welcoming guests including royalty and celebrities such as Empress Eugénie of France, Sheik Feisal of Saudi Arabia, Mata Hari,  Josephine Baker, Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Ford, Winston Churchill and Michael Jackson. The legendary Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova stayed in the hotel and died just after midnight in her room of pneumonia in 1931, where the reception area stands today.

Hotel Des Indes is a historical old-world grandeur hotel full of flamboyant stories, romance, tragedy and intrigue.

I often wonder about the interior of this hotel. I have yet to take a peek inside. Soon!

Address: Lange Voorhout 54-56. 2514 EG The Hague.

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