When visiting Delft with kids, consider making a slight detour out of the city center to visit Science Centre Delft.

Science Centre Delft is a technical institute with scientific exhibition and a research center, part of the Technical University Delft (TU Delft). It is a museum showcasing current scientific innovations through display of research equipment, experimental models, latest inventions and graduation projects.

Science Centre Delft 02

Visitors could take part in setting up inspired experiments based on real research. For examples: race in a simulator, play ball catching to test gravity, experience 3D simulation, build a house and test it in an earthquake, develop your own airplane wings, peep what is under the microscope, game-on at Game Lab, discover the power of wind turbine and so much more. There are several prototypes on display and one of the most notable is Nuna. It is a vehicle designed by students from TU Delft that runs on solar energy which won the World Solar Challenge in 2017!

Science Centre Delft 01

Science Centre Delft conducts the coolest activities and workshops. On every first Saturday of the month, kids can learn robot programming at the Robot Lab. Interesting workshops are scheduled every Sunday where kids receive instructions on how to make an electronic circuit, create a solar-powered creature, build a tea-light candle lit power boat or design a glider plane. Such workshops are suitable for kids from 6, 8 or 9 years old. The cost varies per workshop between €3.00 and €6.00 per kid, in addition to the entrance fees. Do note that only pin card payment is accepted. No reservation required. Extra workshops are available during school holiday period as well. It is a fun-filled hour learning, creating and designing!
Click this link for scheduled workshops (Dutch only):

I highly recommend Science Centre Delft if you are looking for something inspiring to do with kids 6 years and above. Some of the exhibits lack English explanation, but you can figure them out. Otherwise, just ask. My kids (12 and 9 years old) had a blast entertaining and educating  themselves. They spent most of their time at the Game Lab! I ended up waiting for them at the museum café. It is a small sitting corner across the ticketing desk, offering minimal choices. It was disappointing. Fortunately, the Delft city center is less than 10 minutes walk away for a late lunch option. 🙂

Website: only)
Address: Mijnbouwstraat 120. 2628 RX Delft.
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri from 10am to 7pm and Sat-Sun from 11am to 5pm. Extra opening hours during school holiday period.
Entrance Fees: €7.00 for 18 years and above, €4.00 for 7-17 years old and free for kids age 6 years and under. Family ticket (2 adults+2kids) is available for €18.50. Free entry for Museumkaart holders. NO CASH payment will be accepted!
Getting There: About 15 minutes walk from Delft train station. If you are driving, Parkeerplein Duwo is free. For more information: only)

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