Just like the name has it … Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht is University Museum in Utrecht. It manages the historical science collections of the university which comprises around 200.000 objects including approximately 80.000 photographs. Although the museum was established in 1928, the basis collection was formed from 1650. Since 1996, Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht shares the corresponding terrain with the Oude Hortus, a botanical garden of the former Utrecht University from 1723 to 1920, right here at Lange Nieuwstraat.
The museum presents a research overview of the old science and modern science done by the University of Utrecht. Check out the extensive collection of skeletons, organs, fetuses and body parts in formaldehyde at Bleulandkabinet (Bleuland Cabinet) room. This is a private collection of professor of medicine Jan Bleuland (1756-1838) which were used by him for educational purposes. Let your children quiver in horror!
At the Kennislab (Knowledge Lab), kids can learn how science works through a series of guided process. There are booklets of information and instructions available in Dutch at every station. An English translation book can be found somewhere around the room.
Right next to the staircase, discover the impressive nine-meter high tower Down To The Bone exhibit. It is about the similarities and differences between humans and animals. At the Youth Lab, kids are welcome to put on a lab coat and carry out experiments on sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste. English translation is available too for this activity.
My favorite section is the Rariteitenkabinet (Collection of Curiosities). It has a crazy array of unusual objects ranging from dentistry tools to stuffed dragons to skin and hair all in one room. Such an amazing encyclopedic collection! English translation provided.
Last but not least, see a particle accelerator up-close and personal; the 3MV Van de Graaff-generator. Whatever that is. 🤔
Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht is a very interesting museum for all ages. Might just be a little too scary for toddlers. It is very educational, interactive and fun. Definitely worth a trip!
Address: Lange Nieuwstraat 106. 3512PN UTRECHT.
Opening Hours: Daily from 10am – 5pm.
Entrance Fees: €8.00 for adults and €4.50 for kids 5- 17 years old. Free admission for kids under 4 years old. Free entry for Museumkaart holders. Family card (2 adults+2 kids) for €22.50.
Getting There: 18-20 minutes scenic walk from Utrecht central station is the best option. Or take a bus instead. http://www.universiteitsmuseum.nl/english/plan-your-visit/address-and-route

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