When in Utrecht …
The best way to explore Utrecht city is from the water level. Admire this medieval city center by sailing past ancient wharf cellars, stunning stately canal houses, old bridges, city-castle buildings and endless terraces.

Depending on seasons, there are plenty of ways when it comes to sight-seeing through the canals. Rental possibilities include gondola ride, paddle surfing, canoe, rowboat, pedal boat or sizeable electric private boat. Of course, the simplest way is to join a boat tour.

The most popular boat tour company in Utrecht is the Schuttevaer Rondvaart Utrecht located near the Viebrug bridge on Oudegracht, opposite number 85. An hour boat ride through the hidden beauties of Utrecht city.
Such canal cruise departs daily every hour on the hour from 11am -5pm. Tickets cost € 11.95 for adults and € 8.50 for children aged 4 to 12.
Information about all the places of interested will be provided on board (usually) in multiple languages directly from the captain or via an audio system. All the vessels are very comfortable and well-heated with glass-top roof.

Bring along some snacks and enjoy the cruise!


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