When in Amsterdam’s Chinatown …

Try a ‘snack’ at the Chinese bakery Hoi Tin located at Zeedijk 122-124, right next door to the Buddhist Fo Guang Shan He Hua Temple. You cannot miss that green shop window!
Hoi Tin sells Hong Kong style pastries, buns, cakes, tarts and cookies.

For something truly authentic, try the ‘sweetheart cake’ or wife cake. This pastry has a crispy outer layer with soft sweet filling. It is popular because people use it for weddings as part of a dowry gift, hence the name. Another traditional and recognizable dim sum dish is the egg tart; a custard like shortcrust pastry.
If you are adventurous, go for that distinctive strong odor king of fruit ‘durian pasteitje’. If you are not adventurous, a simple almond cookie is delicious too.
I do no have a sweet tooth nor fancy desserts. But I do love everything with red beans on it.

Hoi Tin is a restaurant and a bakery. Freshly baked pastries are sold at the entrance.
Opens daily from 12am – 10pm.


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