This was the highlight of our boat tour around Amsterdam Light Festival on 6 January 2018!
We were cruising from the Amstel to the Herengracht. It felt like we were pulled into a futuristic wormhole structure. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel!
This installation – Whole Hole by Vendel & De Wolf.

The Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual exclusive light art installations in the city center of Amsterdam. The 2017-2018 event is happening from 30 November 2017 until 21 January 2018. The ‘land exhibition’ is now over, but the ‘water exhibition’ is ongoing daily at 5pm till 11pm. During this time, various light art installations will illuminate the canals of Amsterdam.

Last year, I dragged my kids in the cold December month checking out most of the artworks on foot. It was a great way to experience the installations up close and personal. We had a lot of fun. But the long walk on cobblestone streets proved to be too much at the end of the night.

This year, I opted for the tour boat. The average ticket price for an adult is around €20. I managed to win two cheap adult tickets on a local auction site and found two kids tickets on Groupon offered by the same tour operator, Lovers Canal Cruises.
Not knowing what to expect, we brought our own snacks to fuel up and bought hot drinks from nearby supermarket to keep warm. Our vessel turned out to be very comfortable, well-heated with glass-top roof and an open section at the back of the boat. Audio commentary about the light art and Amsterdam surroundings was provided in Dutch and English along our 75-min journey.

In my honest opinion, it was not worth the while. There were not a lot of artworks to see this year and the installations were far apart. The Amsterdam Light Festival was simply disappointing.
We did enjoyed the boat ride seeing Amsterdam in the night from water level. Glad I paid less than the retail price.

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