24129638_1699302896786493_6971335117729962_nArcheologisch Museum or Archeology Museum Haarlem is a free museum located in the 17th century vaulted cellar of Vleeshal (translation: Meat Hall) building on Grote Markt in the center of Haarlem.

Opened in 1991, this tiny museum dedicates itself to present amazing local archeological finds discovered throughout Haarlem. Some of their collection dates as far back as the Stone Age (4,000 years ago). There are old vases, dishes, shoes, tools, bones etc.

The museum is Dutch language oriented. An information guide (laminated pages) is available in English about Haarlem throughout the centuries, its trade industry and the archeological findings from cesspits around the area. The staffs are friendly if you have any questions.

Is it worth a visit? Yes, because it is about Haarlem. It will only take you 15-20 minutes to have a glimpse of Haarlem’s past through these treasures.

Website (Dutch only):
Address: Grote Markt 18K. 2011RD Haarlem.
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 1pm – 5pm.
Admission Fees: FREE
Getting There: About 10 minutes walk from Haarlem train station.



  1. I lived in Haarlem for five years and only really discovered this place before I moved. I always seen the door but was never sure if I was allowed to just walk in there. During the last week I just deiced to risk it and go in.


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