Post-Plaza Hotel & Grand Café in Leeuwarden

It was a long three-hour journey from Haarlem to Leeuwarden on public transport. I decided it was ideal to spend the night if I want to thoroughly embrace the city once and for all. So I made a reservation at the upscale 4* Post-Plaza Hotel & Grand Café for two pople. My decision for this hotel was purely based on photos and reviews I have seen on the internet. No affiliation whatsoever.

Post-Plaza Cafe

Post-Plaza Hotel & Grand Café building was a formal central post office erected in the late 19th century. Cornelis Hendrik Peters was the architect responsible for this post office as well as many other post offices around the country. His most  notable design is in Amsterdam known as Magna Plaza nowadays.

Post-Plaza was a restored modern hotel establishment with 40 rooms years ago. It went through an extensive renovation and reopened again at the end of 2015, merging the adjacent historic bank building almost as old as the post office. It has been transformed into a contemporary hotel with 82 rooms including meeting room facilities, beauty center and (small) fitness room.

Upon check-in, the staff was friendly, attentive and efficient. She informed us that our room is located at the old post office section. She led the way, showing us where breakfast would be served the next morning and offered to walk us further to our room, which we kindly declined. Following her direction, we took the stairs up to the mezzanine floor passing by an alluring coffee tasting/roasting area, strolled along a catwalk alleyway overlooking the beautiful Grand Café on one side and the active café kitchen on the other, walked through a heavy black door before we reached our hotel room. It was quite a scenic walk!

Post-Plaza Alleyway

Our Junior Comfort room was more than spacious for two people. It was furnished with dark décor; a large antique cabinet, black lamps, black bedside tables and a huge gray double bed. The twin box-spring beds were more than comfortable for the night. Bathroom was fully equipped with rain shower, hair dryer and toiletries. There was a Nespresso machine for coffee making and an electric kettle ready for tea. A 42-inch TV was hidden in the antique cabinet and a small writing desk can be found in a corner. Last but not least, the free WIFI worked well.

Everything was in order. Until … I took out my socks! The Asian in me has the habit of walking around in bare feet. The floor was a little sandy here and there. It was 9pm and I was too exhausted to make a fuss.

Post-Plaza Room

Breakfast was served bright and early at Grand Café. It was a fantastic spread! There were fresh bread, cold cuts, sausage and bacon, juices, mixed fruits, yogurts, cereals, suikerbrood (local sugar bread), scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, etc. You can even order your favorite style of fried eggs in the kitchen. This was quite a feast to kick start my day.

Post-Plaza Breakfast

After breakfast, we walked around the café checking out architecture and all its fixtures and fittings. I noticed details of postal services incorporated into the building décor and design. There were signposts, sign boards, post bags, theme posters, poem on the wall and a real vault located near the kitchen. The Grand Café bar area used to be the waiting room of the old post office.

Post-Plaza Postal Stuffs

Upon check out, the staff asked if we have enjoyed our stay. We did. She further inquired if we might have any feedback to add. I mentioned the not so clean floor. She was apologetic and assured me that should not have happened. It was duly noted and housekeeping will be notified. I was impressed with her proactive attitude.

Post-Plaza Hotel & Grand Café is located 12 minutes away from Leeuwarden train station and just a few minutes walk from the city center. It is an excellent accommodation for a fancy short city break. Prices are around €100 for a double without breakfast. Breakfast (without room) is an additional €15 per person at the restaurant. A great hot spot for lunch and dinner too.

Address: Tweebaksmarkt 25-27. 8911KW Leeuwarden.

Link for menu:

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