Zevenlandenhuizen or houses of seven countries at Roemer Visscherstraat in Amsterdam is a remarkable street that has a set of seven unique houses, each with a distinctive architecture representing seven different European countries.

Designed by Dutch architect Tjeerd Kuipers in 1894, the charming line up are as follow:
Number 20 Germany – built in romantic style with gothic arch windows
Number 22 France – a structure influence by the style of Loire Chateau
Number 24 Spain – inspired by buildings in Granada with Moorish influences
Number 26 Italy – a palazzo in neo-classic style.
Number 28 Russia – cathedral with a dome at the top
Number 30 The Netherlands – a Dutch Renaissance style
Number 30A England – typical English cottage style

The country names are displayed clearly above the door, window or on the exterior side of the building. These properties are mostly private residences with the exception of Spain is a law firm and Netherlands & England (combi) is a hotel.

Roemer Visscherstraat is 3 minutes walk from Vondelpark, 7 minutes from Van Gogh Museum and 10 minutes from Rijkmuseum. It is simply one of the free things to check out in Amsterdam if you love architecture.


2 responses to “HOUSES of 7 COUNTRIES

  1. May I purchase copies of the 7 houses in 7 countries. I got to see them they are beautiful, however my pictures did not turn out. Yours are beautiful. I had such a great vacation. Thanks Wendy


    • Hi Wendy, I haven’t got the original no more. I got way too many photos to keep. Only the above featured photo. You can download it for personal use otherwise, just credit me whenever you use it on online. I can forward you the photo via email if you like. Let me know.


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