Pannenkoekenhuys Oudt Leyden


If you are in Leiden and looking for something kids-friendly and typically Dutch to eat, Oudt Leyden Pancake House is the restaurant to be.

Did you know that the Dutch love their ‘pannenkoek’ anytime of the day but not for breakfast?

At this restaurant, you can try the savory Dutch thin pancakes serve with combination of ham, cheese, bacon, mushrooms and eggs. The sweet pancakes are usually serve with Dutch syrup (stroop), icing sugar, cinnamon sugar, honey or jam. Whatever your preference is, feel free to add apple, banana, pineapple, raisins or ice-cream on your pancakes. That’s the Dutch way!
If you are adventurous, try the specials: Milano (salami and cheese), Gravad Lax (salmon and sour cream) or Vitello Tonnato (veal and tuna mayonnaise). On a pancake!
Gluten free pancakes are available too upon request.

Now let’s talk size. I gasped at the sheer size of my pancake when it arrived. It was 40 cm huge served on a traditional Dutch blue and white Royal Delft porcelain plate. I had ordered a savory pancake with bacon, cheese and mushroom for lunch. I was way over my head. It was absolutely delicious, but I could not finish it at all.

This pancake house has been around since 1907. It is well-known even visited by the Dalai Lama, Sir Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle and various members of the Dutch royal family. Pannenkoekenhuys Oudt Leyden is located 6-7 minutes walk from Leiden train station, across the boat tours. A Dutch dining experience with authentic Dutch pancake recipe complete with old Dutch restaurant atmosphere. Love it!

Address: Steenstraat 49. 2312BV Leiden.
Opening Hours: Daily from 1130hrs – 2130hrs
Link for the menu:

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