This is Molen de Put in Leiden. It is a wooden corn mill replica only 30 years of age.

The original mill dates back to 1619 and was owned by Jan Janszoon Put. The first mill burnt down in 1640, rebuilt in 1729 and destroyed again 1817. The octagonal mill foundation was later discovered in 1982 and reconstructed again in 1986 made possible through fundraising campaign among the population of Leiden.

I have not had the chance to visit the inside of this mill. Molen de Put is open most Saturdays from 1100hrs – 1600hrs. It is a working mill grinding and selling different types of flour. Check website for exact opening dates. Look out for the rotating blades.

The location of this mill is at Park de Put 11. Next to the mill is the Rembrandt Bridge and Rembrandt Square is a few meters away.
All part of a scenic route walking around in Leiden.

Another windmill you can visit in Leiden is Molenmuseum de Valk.

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