The main attraction in Alkmaar is usually the famous Cheese Market at Waagplein on Fridays. (https://www.facebook.com/fhenryl/posts/10208079333475598)

Another cheesy alternative is to visit Dutch Cheese Museum housed within the monumental Waaggebouw (translation: Weigh House) overlooking the famous Waagplein (translation: Weighing Square).

The Dutch Cheese Museum was founded here in 1983. It was reopened fully modernized after a renovation in 2014. Located above Alkmaar’s VVV Tourist Information Center, it occupies further two floors up.

Your museum visit will be suggested by staffs to start off with a short 15-min film about cheese making (of course!), which is available in many languages. After that, you are free to roam about admiring paintings, artifacts and interactive presentation all within the entrance level. Up the stairs, there are more museum pieces such as cheese making equipment, tools, utensils, tiles, stained glass, more paintings, etc. An interactive game section at the end of the gallery is great for children’s amusement and adults too.

The Dutch Cheese Museum is designed to inform visitors about various aspects of the cheese making process, its history and the importance of cheese in the culture of the Netherlands. Find out the differences between Edammer and Gouda cheeses. All information and explanation are provided in Dutch and English. Your museum visit should take about an hour. The kids could take part in the not so easy scavenger hunt. My son (7-yrs-old) struggled to complete matching the stickers. I was clueless about cheese making so it was an educational trip for me.

Website: http://www.kaasmuseum.nl/en/
Opening hours: High season from March till October Mon-Sat 10am -4pm & Sun 1pm – 3:30pm. Check website for off season schedule.
Entrance fees: €4.00 (adults), €2 (4-12yrs) and kids 0-3 years are free
Free entry for Museum Card holder.
Getting there: By public transport, it is 40 minutes away from Amsterdam by train followed by 20-25 minutes walk from Alkmaar train station to the Waagplein. For buses and car parking information click link http://www.kaasmuseum.nl/en/praktische-informatie
The museum is wheelchair accessible.

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