Euromast is Rotterdam’s iconic observation tower. It was built in 1960 to mark the occasion Floriade, an international flower and garden exhibition. Its height at 101 meters was the tallest building back in the days. Unfortunately, Euromast quickly lost its title due to the ever changing Rotterdam’s skyline. In 1970, Euromast retaliated with additional 85 meters by adding a rotating elevator – ‘Space Tower’.

As you enter the building, a reception/ticketing counter is upfront with a museum shop on the right and a cozy restaurant name Deli on the left. Deli is open to the general public even without Euromast entry tickets. It serves a simple menu like sandwiches, crepes, pies and cakes. Kids friendly too.

After settling your entrance tickets, embark on the super fast elevator ride to go up almost 100 meters in just 30 seconds. First stop, a restaurant Brasserie at 92 meters high which serves high-tea, luxurious menu and the view of Rotterdam on the side. The panorama platform is one level up at 96 meters. It has spectacular views of the ports, the city skyline, famous structures and of course the nearby Erasmus Bridge. On the same level, there are two hotel suites available for a premium price. Ideal theme for weddings or romantic getaways. I could only imagine the view at sunrise or sunset!

From the panorama platform, it is another flight of stairs up to reach the Euroscope. It is basically a giant rotating panoramic elevator with sit down capacity of approximately 25 people. Euroscope starts at 112 meters and rises slowly in a circle to 185 meters for a spectacular 360° view of Rotterdam. The duration of the ride is about 7-8 minutes.

There are other things that you can do at Euromast. You can join the challenge of climbing 589 steps and try to break the record of 1 minute 47 seconds or do exciting stuffs like abseiling or zip lining (€ 52.50) at 100m height. Check website for schedule event.

It is a gorgeous view on a clear day at Rotterdam’s tallest tower. You should visit if Rotterdam means something to you. I brought my kids along and they lost interest looking at the view pretty fast. We played games such as find the landmark with the help of the information board provided and spot the splash boat tour en route nearby to keep them engaged.
There is always a queue throughout this attraction. Be it for ticketing, elevator ride, at the restaurant and certainly for Euroscope.
The city of Rotterdam practices no cash policy, but only credit and debit cards accepted. Euromast adopts this policy and the nearby parking facilities too. Note for the tourists!

Do check the website for schedule maintenance on Euroscope before visiting. Your trip would not be complete without it. If you live in Netherlands, buy discounted tickets via Groupon or similar sites. You might even find a combi entrance ticket & coffee/tea + cake for a reasonable price.

Opening hours: Opens everyday with varied opening hours according to season and different closing time for platform, Euroscoop, brasserie and kitchen. Check website for exact details.
Entrance fees: €9.50 (adults), €6.10 (4-11yrs) and kids 0-3 years are free
Address: Parkhaven 20, 3016 GM Rotterdam.
How to get there:

Just an idea: Enjoy the beautiful Het Park next to Euromast and walk along the harbor passing by a pancake boat restaurant, a large Asian supermarket & restaurant, midget golf and World Museum to get close to Erasmus bridge.

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