13445657_1166543820062406_3894387607978593067_n1This is the last instalment of Jewish Cultural Quarter*.

The Hollandsche Schouwburg was a former theatre from 1892 until 1941. The building was later used as a holding center for the Jews before deportation during the Second World War.

Today, Hollandsche Schouwburg is a memorial venue with a Wall of Remembrance paying tribute to 6700 Jewish families. This wall lists all the 102000 names who were deported from the Netherlands and killed in the concentration camps. A monument was erected in 1961 and placed in the inner courtyard remembering all the lives lost.

A permanent exhibition located one floor up tells the story of Persecution of the Jews in 1940-1945. Illustrations include family portraits, letters, documents, videos and objects. Strangely, the exhibit has no text information. This is for the educational purpose in terms of teaching task when schools visit. A separate short explanation on a laminated paper (also in English) can be found at the door before entering the exhibit room. It was rather puzzling to figure out all the item’s description.

The Hollandsche Schouwburg should be your last stop along Jewish Cultural Quarter route. Such memorial venue is perfect ending to your Jewish culture education. Stay a litter longer to watch the short films with interviews of survivors, diary entries and photographs. It was a sobering visit for me.

*Jewish Cultural Quarter includes Portuguese Synagogue, Jewish Historical Museum (with a separate Children’s Museum) and National Holocaust Memorial. It has a joint ticket system whereby you can visit all the above museums once, within one month period for €15.00 total. Make sure you keep your ticket(s) safe.

About deportation:

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