*Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam
Special Exhibition – Amy Winehouse : A Family Potrait
Now – 4 September 2016

This is a small temporary exhibition which focuses on Amy Winehouse’s early years and her family life.

Curated by her brother, Alex Winehouse, the family loaned a lot of Amy’s personal and intimate belongings for display. The showcase includes original dresses, her private collection of records, her guitar, her handwritten application for stage school, family photos, her childhood books, performance footage at theatre school, her Grammy Award and more.

The museum plays a concert recording of Amy Winehouse’s first performance in the Netherlands at the North Sea Jazz Festival (The Hague) dated 10 July 2004. The video is 71 minutes long and plays in a continuous loop at the Auditorium. This is such a delight for the fans!

Unfortunately, there is a no photo policy but you could buy a catalogue-book (in English too) about this exhibition at the museum shop. A wonderful tribute to Amy Winehouse’s life behind the public eyes!

Opening hours: Everyday 11am -5pm
*Jewish Cultural Quarter includes Portuguese Synagogue, Jewish Historical Museum (with a separate Children’s Museum) and National Holocaust Memorial. It has a joint ticket system whereby you can visit all the above museums once, within one month period for €15.00 total. Make sure you keep your ticket(s) safe.

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