In 1871, Claude Oscar Monet spent four months in Zaandam with his wife and child. During their stay, he made a total of 25 paintings. The Blue House was among his creation.

Take a look at the photo attached. Monet’s painting depicted a blue-fenced garden next to the house but sadly this land was sold in 1910. Only the side wall of the house was repainted recently in the color blue.

The Blue House is a registered national monument since May 29, 1969. Should you want to visit, it is a short 15 minutes walk from Zaandam Train Station to its location. The address is Hogendijk 78, 1506 AJ, Zaandam. It is a residential property near the harbor and it is currently owned by Family Engel.

It was a nice detour while in Zaandam doing my shopping. A chance to witness the link between past and present. I greatly admired the traditional wooden houses typically found in Zaanstad region along the way.

If you are interested, the Stichting Monet in Zaandam organizes guided walking tours in Dutch, English, Russian and German. It will cost €10 per person and duration of the tour is approximately 1.5 – 2 hours. The website is Dutch-oriented so the best way is to contact them directly for tour details.…/

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