Amsterdam National Library at Oosterdokseiland is my favorite place to bring my kids any given morning.

We like to start out with breakfast at Restaurant La Place on the 7th floor and slowly explore every corner, floor by floor down to the children’s book section at level 1.

Opened in July 2007, the Amsterdam National Library complex has a floor surface of 28,500 m2 spreading out over 10 floors. It has an auditorium, an exhibition room, the Library Museum, two live broadcasting radio stations, 600 internet-connected computers and 1.7m titles in its collection.

The kids’ section is a great place to hang out. The circular bookshelves are beautifully designed and cleverly situated throughout this level. I love those comfortable armchairs and the huge lounging pads are fantastic for the kids to just lay on and read. Look out for the giant polar bear and a big black bird.

Do check out the famous Muizenhuis or Mouse Mansion made by Karina Schaapman. It is a giant doll house meticulously crafted for mice.

The Central Library is open 7 days per week from 10 am to 10pm. It is only a five-minute walk east of Amsterdam Central Station. Go in and have a wander through. Free entrance.


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