I have been walking this stretch of road from Chinatown to get to Dam Square many times. Yet, I did not realize the existence of the Smallest House in Amsterdam till recently.

The smallest house in Amsterdam is located at Oude Hoogstraat 22. This house dates back to 1738. In the early years, the house consisted only a ground floor. Two upper floors and an attic wereadded later. Smallest House measures 2.02 meters wide and 5 meters deep.

Opened on 15 June 2014, the Smallest House is a tea & ceramic store. It offers an exclusive assortment of teas where possible organically grown and wide range of delicacies to compliment your tea indulgence such as chocolate, honey, nougat, fudge, etc.

It is possible to stay for a ‘cuppa’ or book a High Tea session in the private tea room upstairs.
I hope to do that in my next visit.

Meanwhile, check out the multilingual website for its history and opening hours. The video link will give you an idea just how small is smallest!


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