Drielandenpunt in Dutch means three-border-point or three-country-point or Dreiländereck (“Three-Country Corner”) in German, or Trois Frontières (“Three Borders”) in French.

I visited three countries in three seconds! Less when I run smile emoticon
Right here at Drielandenpunt in Vaals (province of Limburg), the borders of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany meet. There are no river dividing territory or mountains apart. No checkpoint or customs or border patrol. Literally, just simple lines! Alongside with 3 country flags and a plain unimpressive stone pillar that mark individual country direction.
Visitors are welcome anytime and any day. It is an open public area. Be in 3 countries in less than 3 seconds! My kids were amused running around in circle and jumping from a country to another. http://www.drielandenpunt.nl


Between 1830 and 1919, the summit was a quad-point. The former border was Neutral Moresnet. Today it is part of Belgium. The road along this attraction is called ‘Viergrenzenweg’ which translated into ‘Four-Borders Road’.

Within walking distance away are attractions such as labyrinth, viewing tower, highest point in the Netherlands and hiking routes. There are a few restaurants, snack vendors and a playground.

It is the biggest labyrinth in the Netherlands. It will take an average 45 minutes to get to the middle. I let my kids lead the way and we were still wandering around after 60 minutes! Watch out for occasional spraying water traps along the way. They are sensor triggered (hint!). Don’t get caught in the rain while you are out there (tip!).
Entrance fees apply. The cost of labyrinth attraction is €5.00 for the adults and €4 for kids (up to 12 years old). Go to the website and download a coupon for 10% discount (max 4 pax). The labyrinth and adjoining VVV Tourist Information & Gift Shop is open for visitors from April 1 to November 1. Double check on the website before visiting.

BOUDEWIJNTOREN / Boudewijn Tower
Boudewijn Tower is located on Belgium side. The 50 meter high viewing tower is accessible for a small fee. You may choose to walk up the scary stairs or take the glass lift instead to the 360 degree panorama room. The view is amazing. Take another stair up a level to the top for a stunning 360 degree open view. On the Netherlands side, I was able to see the people scurrying around at the labyrinth. `You will be able to see nearby city on the Belgium side. The view on Germany side was all forest green. Look out for the country markings to get your bearing. http://www.drielandenpunt.be (not in English)

Highest point in the Netherlands is located here at the top of Vaalserberg hill with a height of 322.7 m (1,059 ft). It is marked yet with another simple unremarkable stone. Here is proof that the Netherlands is not that flat after all.


Hiking routes are available on site. Check notice boards in the area or visit the VVV Tourist Information for guides. We skipped this activity due to rain on the day of our visit. Otherwise hiking to Germany sounds great.

There are cafes and restaurants with great terraces. You can easily spot the Dutch vendor because of the flag. I recommend lunch at Tavern de Grenssteen for a good meal. Try the local dishes such Limburgs Zuurvlees (sour meat) or Limburgs Kippenpasteitje (chicken pie).
Otherwise, visit the snack vendors for a quick bite and ice cream. A good size playground is nearby to entertain your kids.

Car park is right next to Drielandenpunt. A whole day parking cost €2.00. Make sure you got coins for this. The proceed goes to the upkeep of the surrounding area.

The best way to visit this place is by car. Watch out for lycra clad cyclist along the winding road up to Drielandenpunt.

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